Join us in the beer garden for Austin Beer Week! We'll have special tappings from local breweriees all week. We'll finish off the week with an event with our friends from Hops and Grain!

About the beer:
Their kettle sour grain bill is built with 50% Wheat and 50% Pilsner malt. They utilized a Bulgarian yogurt culture of lactic acid producing bacteria to acidify the wort well below our standard desired pH. After 48-72 hours the yogurt cultures acidify the wort down to around 3.1 pH. At that point, they boil the wort to kill the bacterial cultures and then carry the beer forward in the same manner as all of their beers, transferred to a fermenter with viable yeast and oxygen. They have been experimenting with two different yogurt cultures in collaboration with our friends at White Mountain Yogurt. The two cultures are their Greek and Bulgarian Yogurt cultures with the major differences coming from the mouthfeel or “thickness” of the resulting fermentable. Greek yogurt is traditionally known to have a thicker, creamier texture while the Bulgarian yogurt maintains the creaminess without the thickness. 

Bulgarian Yogurt Kettle Sour- Bright aromas of tart yogurt, pineapple, white bread and a hint of lemon. The mouthfeel is dry and crisp with an upfront fullness that disappears into a tart, sour and crisp finish. 

Greek Yogurt Kettle Sour- Aromas of grain, bread and a slight hint of whey protein are followed by a smooth tartness coupled with a noticeably clean mouthfeel. The finish is dry and complex with continual hints of breadiness and a smooth yogurt tartness

Experimental Zoe #1- With a malt bill of German Pale and Vienna malt, our experimental Zoe #1 showcases the classic nature of Czech Pilsner yeast. Initial aromas of light grapefruit citrus and lightly toasted bread lead into light flavors of orange, tangerine and a classic pilsner yeast presence. The finish is dry and refreshing.

Experimental Zoe #2- With a malt bill of German Pale and Vienna, our experimental Zoe #2 showcases two of our favorite American hop varieties, Mosaic and Meridian. Upfront you get big notes of melon, orange julius, blueberries and a grassy dankness. The body is light due to a lower gravity, lending itself to a refreshing mouthfeel, full of resinous hop character but ending with a slightly bitter and crisp finish.