We are so excited to be partnering with Saint Arnold Brewing Company andEmmer & Rye to bring you this unique tasting event!

Saint Arnold is sending us 4 of their favorite sours, which we'll be pairing with house-made sorbets from our friends at Emmer and Rye. Guests will select 2 sours, and they will be served with 2 sorbet pairings for your tasting pleasure! Guests will also receive a Saint Arnold Boiler Room paired with Lemon and Lemongrass sorbet as a palate cleanser between tastes. 

Saint Arnold Boiler Room Brett Raspberry (paired with Dry Fruit Sorbet) - The secondary fermentation with brettanomyces took eight months. They then added over 1,000 lb of raspberries (just shy of a pound per gallon) to condition for another month. Traditionally, Boiler Room has notes of lemon peel and a slight floral hop character. In this version, these have been subdued and replaced by a cherry-pie likeness and the added funk character that brett is well known for. With the added raspberry, expect a bouquet of raspberry jam. The flavor is an upfront, thirst quenching raspberry delight, followed by a tart and dry finish, making your palate thirst for more.

Saint Arnold Bière de Saison (paired with Burnt Orange sorbet) - The Bière de Saison was inspired by traditional French and Belgian farmhouse beers: Bière de Noel, a high gravity Bière de Garde and Belgian Saison. They used the malt backbone from the Bière de Noel and the spicy/earthy essence of Belgian Saison yeast. They took it further by aging the beer in used Bishop's Barrel #2 with brettanomyces, BB2.B. They aged for about a year. The previous beer had brettanomyces and lactic acid bacteria producing a dry, funky beer with a mild acidity. Bière de Saison adopted those same traits. It became a different beer entirely. The brett dried the malty finish of the Bière de Saison to a dry candy-like finish with a nice tart bite from the lactic acid bacteria. Don't take this beer lightly...clocks in around 10%.

Saint Arnold Dubbelganger (paired with Peach sorbet) - The base beer is a classic twist on the Belgian Dubbel. A traditional Dubbel with a dry hop of the Japanese hop, Sorachi Ace. Then, we aged it in red wine barrels in the presence of Brettanomyces. Aged for 8 months. If you're looking for the base beer, you won't find it. The brett strain fermented this beer further than the original raising the ABV from 7.9% to 8.4%. The beer is reddish/crimson in color with an off-white/tan head. A funky, Belgian aromatic is accompanied with dark fruit, oak and apples. The taste displays the wine barrels very well with nice earthy oak notes and subtle acidity. A medium/light body finishes dry and ABV is not noticeable. 

Saint Arnold Bishop Barrel 12 (paired with Salted Fermented Mango sorbet) - The base beer for Bishop’s Barrel No. 12 is Christmas Ale, their rich, hearty ale brewed for the holiday season. They aged it in Sauvignon Blanc barrels with tart cherries and three strains of brettanomyces. Aged 21 months in barrels. Longer then any other Bishop Barrel beer.