Sam Calagione, owner and found of Dogfish Head Brewing, is hosting a book release party with us at Banger's. Project Extreme Brewing, An Enthusiast's Guide to Extreme Brewing at Home was written by Calagione and includes over 50 homebrew recipes and creative brewing philosophies from dozens of America's most beloved, respected and coveted indie craft breweries. 

We will also be screening six short films that capture the essence of the book and stories contained in it. 

On top of all of the excitement, we will also be tapping nine beers for this event and it's a spectacular line up!

The Beers:

Puddin' Wine: English Style Barleywine Collaboration with Beer Advocate

Sea Quench Ale: Session Sour Brewed with lime peels, black lime, and sea salt.

Sixty-One Minute: Their Flagship IPA, 60 Minute, brewed with Syrah grapes

Pennsylvania Tuxedo: Pale ale brewed with Pennsylvania spruce tips.

Liquid Truth Serum: Post Boil hop addition IPA

Siracusa Nera: Imperial Stout Brewed with Syrah Wine

120 Minute (2015): Triple / Quadrupel IPA, The Holy Grail for Hop Heads 

Oak Aged Vanilla World Wide Stout: Dark, rich and roasty super Imperial Stout, barrel aged with vanilla. 

Immort Ale (2012): Peat smoked ale, brewed with maple syrup