It's our favorite time of year, folks, like Christmas for sausage and beer lovers. The celebration of celebrations. It's OKTOBERFEST.

Three days of spaetzle, oompa bands, and malty goodness. Of dirndls and lederhosen. Of German potato cakes and weisswurst. Come join us on October 18th, 19th, and 20th. German food, German beer, and an all around good time.

October 18th
5:00pm - Ceremonial gun salute and free firkin of Live Oak Brewing Company Oaktoberfest 

5:30pm - Music: JT Fest

7:00pm - Game: HAMMERSCHLAGEN! Drive nails into a wooden stump. It's more fun than it sounds!

8:00pm - Music: Off the Grid

October 19th
Due to weather, Oktoberfest activities will be cancelled for the day. We will continue Oktoberfest Saturday, October 20th at 11:00am!

October 20th

11:00am - Music: Yodel Blitz

12:00pm - Free ceremonial firkin of Live Oak Oaktoberfest

1:30pm - Music: Interrobang

2:00pm - Game: Brat eating contest! Be the first to finish two fully dressed Bratwurst to win!

4:00pm - Music: Reid Meisters

Game: STEIN HOIST! Compete to see how long you can hold a full liter mug!

6:00pm - Closing gun salute

6:30pm - Music: La Grosse Tete

9:00pm - Music: JT Fest

Specialty Oktoberfest Menu
Thuringer - Cold beef and pork summer sausage served with house-made piccalilli & whole grain mustard

Spaetzle - Traditional German flour dumpling browned in butter
German Potato Pancakes - with house-made applesauce and sour cream
Schnitzel - Pork cutlet, stuffed with bacon lardons and sauerkraut dusted with panko and served over spaetzle with a side of spicy mustard
Weisswurst - Veal and pork white sausage, poached in beef broth, served with a side of spicy mustard
PLUS our whole regular menu will also be available!

So slip on a dirndl, strap on some lederhosen, and polka your way on down!!