The Goose Island/Banger's Rainey Street Lager is ready! It is an IPL heavily dry-hopped with lemon drop hops and it is delicious. We're celebrating with a little release party. Chat with reps from Goose Island, listen to live music, and sip sip sip.

We'll also have these killer Goose Island beers on tap:
Gillian 2016 - Gillian brings white pepper, strawberry, and honey to a harmonious blend. Partially aged in wine barrels, this Belgian style farmhouse ale is slightly tart and pleasantly sweet in a refreshingly effervescent body.
Juliet 2016 - A tart, jammy, complex ale fermented with wild yeast and aged in wine barrels with fresh blackberries, with notes of wood, tannin, and spice. 
Brasserie Noir - Very rare! A barrel-aged imperial stout aged in wet cabernet barrels for up to 12 months. Dried fruit aromas and vanilla and currant tones frame the flavors of Brasserie Noir. This Imperial Stout balances malty sweetness with sharp acidity imparted by a twelve-month aging process in Cabernet barrels.
BCS Northwoods - Very rare! Bourbon County Brand Northwoods Stout combines blueberry and almond extract, which blends a marzipan-like fruity character that complements the blueberry note. Dialing in the levels and ratios on this one was tough, but the result is well worth the effort.

And don't forget to join us in the beer garden for our weekly Country Thunder Thursday, with live music starting at 8pm!