Well folks, if you are reading this message then you know we have been closed for almost 6 months now. It has never been our plan to wait until a vaccine gets developed to reopen. We just did not feel comfortable opening up while things felt so uncertain and out of control.  

          Like every other restaurant in America, we’ve been trying to figure out our own path forward. We also wanted to make sure we made as much of this down time as possible. So while we watched the data roll in, we’ve managed to keep pretty busy. We’ve spent countless hours revamping our existing systems and documents that have long needed an overhaul. We’ve worked hard fixing and replacing equipment. We’ve scrubbed every inch of the compound twice and I can honestly say, Banger’s has never looked better. We made a couple of new hires to our leadership team and revamped all of our training materials. We’ve learned from the brave restaurants that have already opened their doors and developed our own COVID specific operating plans. In our spare time we also opened and closed a general store and managed to launch a retail sausage business with national distribution. 

          Over the last few weeks, things have started to feel less out of control, at least to us. Much of the uncertainty has faded away as a global pandemic, and everything that goes along with it, has somehow begun to normalize. So while we still consider the risks of COVID to be very real, we feel like the time has finally come for us to wake the sleeping giant that is Banger’s and do our best to coexist with this thing. 

          We are shooting to reopen the restaurant on Thursday, October 1st. Obviously everything is predicated on the state of the world at that time. But assuming all is well, we have an incredible plan to keep you safe and provide you with an amazing experience. We’ll be releasing more info as we get closer but in the meantime, know that we could not be more excited for the opportunity to welcome you back into the beer garden and serve you once again. 

Stay safe, stay positive and we’ll see you when you get here.

With Love,

Ben & The Banger’s Family