81.5 Bar now open for walk-up service Thu-Sun


Bratwurst - $9.00

Our take on the most classic of German sausages. Mild, perfectly balanced & delicious. Topped w/ sauerkraut & grain mustard

Our House-Made Sauerkraut

Chicken & Apple - $9.00

Brown sugar, nutmeg & cinnamon make this a classic. The applesauce & brandy we fold in at the end make it a legend. Topped w/ garlic aïoli & caramelized onions.

Drunk Chicken - $9.00

Beer Serrano Peppers, Red Pepper Flakes, Cilantro & more beer. Topped w/ garlic aïoli & caramelized onions.

Jalapeño Cheddar Brat - $10.00

Our world famous bratwurst w/ some jalapeño & cheddar cheese mixed in. Topped w/ spicy peppers & grain mustard.

Spicy Italian - $10.00

A classic Italian sausage with plenty of fennel and a whole lotta red pepper. Topped w/ sautéed sweet peppers & onions.

Duck, Bacon, Fig - $10.00

Dried figs, plumped in port wine w/ honey & bacon. Topped w/ fig chutney, caramelized onion

Hot Dog & Fries - $13.00

All pork Frankfurter, grain mustard, house-relish, salt & pepper fries

Vegetarian B.L.T. - 9

Vine-ripened & sun-dried tomato sausage infused w/ cheese curds. Topped w/ shiitake mushroom "bacon," sliced tomatoes, shredded iceberg & garlic aïoli