81.5 Bar now open for walk-up service Thu-Sun


Currywurst - $12.00

Quintessential Berlin street food that goes perfect w/ a liter of beer. This curry spiced pork sausage is served sliced over a bed of fries, drizzled w/ curry ketchup w/ a side of garlic aïoli for dunking

Chinese BBQ Sausage - $12.00

All the sweet & savory flavors of Chinese BBQ wrapped up in a sausage. Served w/ a fresh cabbage & pickled carrot salad, topped w/ whole cilantro & crushed peanut w/ a side of hot Chinese mustard

Jalapeño Cheddar Hot Link - $10.00

Be warned, this sucker is hot, but it’s damn good. A pork hot link with 2 kinds of peppers, 2 kinds of cheddar cheese and smoked over Texas post oak then served with house-made pickles, grain mustard, & Saltine crackers.