$5.00 - Texas Pints

That's right! Any 16oz pint, brewed in the great state of Texas is just $5

$5.00 - Bratwurst

Our take on the most classic of German sausages. Mild, perfectly balanced & delicious. Topped w/ sauerkraut & grain mustard 

Check Out Our House-Made Sauerkraut

$5.00 - Giant Soft Pretzel

Salted & served w/ cheese sauce & beer mustard.

$5.00 - Salt & Pepper Fries

Hand-cut, thick, then double fried. Golden brown & crispy outside, soft & pillowy on the inside. Served w/ ketchup

$5.00 - Charred Caesar Salad

A half romaine lettuce head, rubbed with super oil (texas olive oil, white anchovy, garlic, parsley, similar to chimichurri), and charred over Binchotan Charcoal. Topped w/ a garlic aioli, Grana Padano cheese, pickled onion & Spanish White Anchovy.