Smokehouse open every saturday

This Month Banger's has partnered with operation BBQ to assist in their efforts to bring relief to first responders to, and those displaced by, natural disaster at home and abroad. having served over 9 Million meals, they have now also joined in the global fight agains covid-19.

In addition to the $3,000+ Banger's has raised in 2021 we have an additional goal of $500 in the month of October.



All BBQ plates come w/ coal-fired smokehouse bread, potato salad, 24-Hour Slow slaw, smokehouse pickles, House BBQ Sauce & pepper vinegar.

Texas Whole-Hog Plate - $16.50

Banger’s famous Whole Hog from the first Whole Hog BBQ Smokehouse in Texas history! Chopped up & dressed w/ lots of crispy skin.

44 Farms Beef Rib - $30.00

The dark prince of Texas BBQ, we rub our short ribs w/ salt, black pepper & dry oregano. Then smoke them over local seasoned Post Oak & Green Mesquite for over 12 hours.

44 Farms Tri-Tip - $24.00

A California special w/ a Texas twist! Smoked, then seared, served medium rare & f’ing delicious.

Smoked Turkey Breast - $16.00

We smoke our turkey breast alongside Hatch Chilies over mesquite coals w/ a blend of dry herbs, spices, & Hill Country Honey.

Texas Hot Gut Sausage - $16.00

We are a sausage house after all. An old favorite & a Hill Country Classic.

Jalapeño Cheddar Hot Link - $16.00

Be warned, this sucker is hot. Pork hot link w/ 2 kinds of peppers & 2 kinds of cheddar, smoked over Texas Post Oak coals.


8oz 24-Hour Slow Slaw - $4.00

Kind of like your mom used to make.

8oz Potato Salad - $5.50

See note above.