Sausage, Beer & good times

Live Music:


6 PM - 9 PM - Tulstin Troubadours


3 PM - 6 PM - Batty Jr. from the land of Insofaras

7 PM - 10 PM - Tulstin Troubadours


12 PM - 3 PM - Batty Jr. from the land of Insofaras

4 PM - 7 PM - The Roxlovians

8 PM - 11 PM - Chansons et Soulards


10 AM - 1 PM - Celtic Texas

2 PM - 5 PM - The Roxlovians


Turkey Legs:

The portable meal of choice for those who wish to revel without interruption. Our turkey legs are smoked in house then basted with King's Gold BBQ sauce & finished over an open fire. 

Royal Sausage Platter:

A 12oz horseshoe sausage of peppered bovine & swine served w/ grilled flatbread from the east, house-made sauerkraut, beer mustard & garlic Aïoli.

Fried Dragon Bites:

Alligator slain in the kingdom of Louisiana battered & fried w/ house-smoked bacon then served w/ a spiced remoulade sauce.

The Queen’s Sweet Apple Fritters:

Puffed pillows of dough stuffed with the kingdom’s finest baked apples & topped w/ cane syrup & powdered sugar from the new world.


Locally made meads from our friends at Meridian Hive:
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Blackberry
  • Tropical Fruit
A celebration of Texas ciders:
  • Fairweather: Smell the Van
  • Austin Eastciders: Chili Lime Watermelon, Blood Orange, Original
  • Bishop: Pineapple Paradise, Crackberry, Ciderdaze
  • City Orchard: Lavender Royale, Cherry Red, Mrs. Green
A smattering of British-style ales brewed in the lands of Texas:
  • Real Ale: Real Heavy Scotch Ale
  • Odell: 90 Shilling
  • Pinthouse Pizza: Bearded Seal Dry Irish Stout
Traditional ales and lagers from across Europe
  • Schneider Hefeweizen, Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold
  • Bavik Super Pils, Tripel Karmeliet
  • Estrella Galicia Lager

Knight Battles:

With bated breath watch as knights from the four houses battle to the death.

Friday - 6 PM
Saturday - 3 PM & 7 PM
Sunday - 1 PM

Beer Can Jousting:

Would you like to try your hand at the dark arts of medieval mayhem? Well now’s your chance! A jousting competition open to all!!!!!!!

Thursday - 5 PM
Friday - 6 PM & 8 PM
Saturday - 1 PM & 5 PM
Sunday - 3 PM


All patrons of our humble feast are encouraged to dress for the occasion. Fine bodices, frocks & tunics can be bartered at Lucy in Disguise. Patrons will receive a 10% discount off costumes if they speak these words.

"Liter of Ale"