Sausage, Beer & good times

COVID Precautions

       Here at Banger’s, our number one priority is the safety and well being of our customers and team.  We are also big believers in communication so we’ve compiled this list of all the things we are doing to keep everyone safe.  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas please feel free to email us so we can adjust! 


    Visiting Banger’s

    • Guests will check in at the host stand.
    • We are limiting party size to a maximum of 25per Austin's Stage 2 Guidlines
    • If there is a waitlist, once the host checks them in with their cell phone number, a text message will be sent when a table is ready.
    • When your table is ready, you will receive a text message with instructions. The full party will need to check in with the host. We will not seat incomplete parties.
    • Dogs of all kinds are welcome and the dog park is now open.
    • We will have sanitation stations available around the property for employees, vendors, and guests to use.
    • All tables will be completely wiped down by the sanitation engineer after every party vacates the table. The table will be cleaned using appropriate, corona-killing sanitizer and will be allowed to appropriately dry for 45 seconds.
    • The Sanitation Engineer will be sanitizing all high touch surfaces throughout the restaurant every 30 minutes.
    • Sanitation Engineer will sanitize and check the restrooms every 30 minutes.
    • Sanitation stations will be set up around the facility. All products will be replaced every 2 hours, all used materials will be thrown out. Guests can request a sanitation bucket at any time by asking a staff member. 
    • Sanitation Logs will be kept and checked.

    Food Safety

    • All kitchen staff will be required to complete the health check when they begin their shift.
    • Gloves will be changed every 30 minutes or as needed.
    • We will be using reusable cutlery, trays, and silverware.  These will be sanitized at the recommended temperature of 160 degrees.

    Food Service

    • Guests must see a host before being seated for food service.
    • Light fare is also available at both bars
    • All food and beverages will be ordered directly from a server or bartender. 
    • Menus available online via a QR code on your table to eliminate contact and waste.
    • Disposable and/or dishwasher safe menus available upon request.

    Drink Service

    • Beverages can be ordered from your server or at the bar
    • We will be using reusable glassware for drink service that will be properly sanitized.


    • Bands will check-in to the property at 79 Rainey Street upon arrival following our vendor, employee and service provider protocol.
    • Bands will bring their own sanitized sound equipment (mic, mic stand, instruments) to reduce spread of germs.
    • Bands will be served beer from the bar, no longer a cooler on stage.
    • A server/manager will be assigned to bands for food, beer, and to get them their check as needed.


    • We utilize a cashless and contactless payment methods. 


    • There will be a manager on duty at all times.  
    • Manager will be fully responsible for ensuring safety and sanitation procedures.
    • Manager will work with guests who need or request special accommodations.
    • Manager will be enforcing Banger’s rules and regulations and addressing guests who are not following the stated guidelines.


    • Vendors will check-in to the property at 79 Rainey Street upon arrival following our vendor, employee and service provider protocol.
    • If the questions are not answered or not answered correctly, they will not be allowed on the property. 


    • Staff will be required to do a health check when they arrive for their shift.
    • A sanitation engineer will be on site during the duration of the event.
    • We will have sanitation stations strategically located around the property.