Sausage, Beer & good times


Kielbasa - $16.00

Our take on the horseshoe shaped kielbasas from the supermarket! Lightly smoked to give it a nice snap. Served w/ braised red cabbage & smashed, bacon-fat-fried, Fingerling potatoes. 

Currywurst - $16.00

The classic Berlin street food that goes perfect w/ a liter of beer. This curry spiced pork sausage is sliced over a bed of fries, then drizzled w/ curry ketchup & served w/ a side of garlic aïoli for dunking.

Banger & Mash - $16.00

A Traditional English pork sausage served over house-made Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. Topped w/ brown gravy & caramelized onion. Served w/ a charred kale & pickled red onion salad.    




Half Rack Pit Spare Ribs - $16.00 Half Rack/ Full Rack - $28.00

Half rack of our slow smoked pork spare ribs bound with yellow mustard and rubbed with our Tennessee rib rub dressed with our house barbecue sauce.
Served with a side of potato salad, 24 hour slaw and house pickles.

Pit Chicken - $16.00 Half Portion/ Full Portion $28.00 

Who doesn't love a great BBQ chicken? Grilling these chickens over Texas Post Oak coals gives the most perfect color & crisp. Brined with chilis & garlic, this chicken is full of flavor. Served with homemade potato salad, 24hr slaw, house made BBQ sauce & assorted pickles.

Pulled Pork Sandwich - $12.00

       Slow smoked pork butts pulled to perfection. Mixed with House BBQ and pull

       juice giving it savory, sweet and acidic notes. Topped with a mix of red and

       green shaved cabbage tossed in garlic, lemon and horseradish aoli. Beer  

       mustard and pickles on a potato roll bun.       

Jalapeno Cheddar Hot Link - $16.00

A Southern-style BBQ sausage w/ peppers & cheddar cheese, smoked over Texas Post Oak coals. Not too hot; but just hot enough to make that beer taste even better. Served with house made BBQ sauce, homemade potato salad, 24hr slaw, smokehouse bread & assorted pickled veggies.