Smokehouse CLOSED ON 12/4


All BBQ plates come w/ coal-fired smokehouse bread, potato salad, 24-Hour Slow slaw, smokehouse pickles, House BBQ Sauce & pepper vinegar.

Texas Whole-Hog Plate - $16.50

Banger’s famous Whole Hog from the first Whole Hog BBQ Smokehouse in Texas history! Chopped up & dressed w/ lots of crispy skin.

44 Farms Beef Rib - $30.00

The dark prince of Texas BBQ, we rub our short ribs w/ salt, black pepper & dry oregano. Then smoke them over local seasoned Post Oak & Green Mesquite for over 12 hours.

44 Farms Tri-Tip - $24.00

A California special w/ a Texas twist! Smoked, then seared, served medium rare & f’ing delicious.

Smoked Turkey Breast - $16.00

We smoke our turkey breast alongside Hatch Chilies over mesquite coals w/ a blend of dry herbs, spices, & Hill Country Honey.

Texas Hot Gut Sausage - $16.00

We are a sausage house after all. An old favorite & a Hill Country Classic.

Jalapeño Cheddar Hot Link - $16.00

Be warned, this sucker is hot. Pork hot link w/ 2 kinds of peppers & 2 kinds of cheddar, smoked over Texas Post Oak coals.


8oz 24-Hour Slow Slaw - $4.00

Kind of like your mom used to make.

8oz Potato Salad - $5.50

See note above.