Sausage, Beer & good times


Gunther Steinmetz - Riesling

2018. Yellow stone fruit and Mirabelle plums on the nose, spicy on the palate, with notes of mint, sage, clove, and some orange zest. The perfect everyday companion.(Brauneberg, Germany) 12.5%

$10.00 (6oz glass)

Wine by Joe - Pinot Gris

2021. Light & clean; possesses flavors of citrus, pear and green apple that are well-balanced by a refreshing, flinty acidity. (Dundee, OR) 13.5%

$10.00 (6oz glass)

Whitehaven - Sauvignon Blanc

2021. Packed with passion fruit and herbaceous aromas on the nose. On the palate, it’s all about those crisp, citrus flavors with a long finish. (Marlborough, New Zealand) 13%

$12.00 (6oz glass)

Pali Wine Co. - Chardonnay

2021. Enchanting flavors of nectarine, stewed Golden Delicious apples, butterscotch, hickory and a hint of vanilla and coconut on the finish.
(Sonoma, CA) 13.5%

$12.00 (6oz glass)


Becker Vineyards - Provencal Rosé

2017. Aromas of Lavender, violet florals, stone fruits, & ripe berries. Tasting notes of strawberries, dried cherries, & fresh thyme. (Fredericksburg, TX) 14.2%

$9.00 (6oz glass)


Elouan - Pinot Noir

2019. Rich with notes of cranberry, cinnamon, and fresh cherry. (Acampo, CA) 13.6%

$12.00 (6oz glass)

Rapido - Red Sangiovese

2019. Fruit forward, medium-bodied Italian red with bold flavors and aromas of Bing cherries. (Puglia, Italy) 12%

$10.00 (6oz glass)

Las Rocas - Granache

2020. The vibrant color with rich dark cherry and raspberry aromas and flavors. Still relatively light on the palate for such bold flavors. (Calatayud, Spain) 14.5%

$10.00 (6oz glass)

Fina el Origen - Malbec

2019. Notes of cherry, with ripe fruit, floral aromas of violets, vanilla & tobacco cigars stand out. (Mendoza, Argentina) 13%

$10.00 (6oz glass)

Hedges Family -  CMS Cabernet Sauvignon

2019. Intense fragrances of black currants & ripe black cherries with violet & mocha. (Paso Robles, CA) 15%

$11.00 (6oz glass)

Austin Hope - Cabernet Sauvignon

2018. Intense fragrances of black currants & ripe black cherries with violet & mocha. (Paso Robles, CA) 15%

$69.00 (750ml Bottle)


Francis Ford Coppola - Sofia Rose

Tastes of fresh juicy pomegranate, Asian pears, and bergamot. Bubbly fun! (Geyserville, CA) 12.8%

$10.00 (187ml can)

Freixenet - Prosecco

Fruity scents of peach and apricots with a light floral and citrus notes. (Italy) 11%

$10.00 (187ml bottle)

Bouvet-Laudabay - Signature Brut

Pinpoint bubbles with toast and fruit on the nose and crisp citrus notes. (France) 12.5%

$35.00 (750ml bottle)

Mumm Napa - Brut Rosé

Made in a drier style, featuring Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. (Rutherford, CA) 12.5%

$40.00 (750ml bottle) 

Draft Cocktails

Sabé - Sake Margarita Cocktail

Tequila-infused Japanese sake with hints of roasted agave, tartness from lime and sweetness from cane sugar. (Oakland, CA) 14%

$12.50 (9oz glass)

Box Wine

Beatbox Beverages - Tropical Punch

A tasty & refreshing wine cocktail that's tropically flavored. Turn it up a notch by adding some bubbles ($2). (Austin, TX) 11.1%

$6.00 (Pint)