Local Watermelon Wedges - $4.00

4 slices of the best local watermelon. Colors may vary; do not attempt to adjust your television

Banger's House-Made Pickles - $5.00

Spicy or mild

Fried Pickle Spears - $5.00

Our house pickles, breaded & fried, served w/ ranch dressing

Salt & Pepper Fries - $5.50

Hand-cut, thick, then double fried. Golden brown & crispy on the outside, soft & pillowy on the inside. Served w/ ketchup

Classic Potato Salad - $5.50

Chilled Red Bliss Potatoes, cornichons, mustard & bacon

Hold the bacon to make it vegetarian.

Miso & Cola Smoked Beans - $5.50

Slow smoked in cast iron over Post Oak coals w/ bacon ends

Thrice Baked Smokehouse Potato - $6.50

We salt roast-Idaho Potatoes [Once]. Then blend the insides with roasted parsnip, horseradish, butter, sour cream and cheddar [Twice]. Finally we broil the top until golden brown [THRICE]

Add chili for $2.00

Giant Soft Pretzel - $8.00

Salted & served w/ cheese sauce & beer mustard 

Melon Salad - $8.50

A salad of fresh watermelon and cucumber, dressed w/ Mint, sesame & a pistachio vinaigrette

Ugly Tomato Salad - $8.50  

Heirloom tomatoes, our hand-stretched cheese curds, Thai Basil & watercress topped w/ a balsamic vinegar reduction

Smokehouse Chef Salad - $8.50

Our take on a classic chef salad, garnished with house-made bacon, hard-boiled egg, Mesquite-smoked cheddar, & creamy Catalina Dressing

Charred Caesar Salad - $9.00 

Half a head of romaine, brushed with oil & charred over coals. Topped w/ garlic aïoli, Grana Padano Cheese, pickled onion, anchovy & toasted Panko Breadcrumbs

Boudin Balls - $9.00

Homemade boudin sausage, deep fried, served with grain mustard & pickles

Chili Cheese Fries(Large - $12.50 / Not so Large - $7.50)

Salt & Pepper fries topped w/ house-made chili, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, diced red onion & house-pickled jalapeños