Sausage, Beer & good times

#1 Founders - Highball Drifter

Barrel-Aged Brown Ale - 11% ABV - Grand Rapids, MI

A big-time brown ale aged in bourbon barrels where flavors of caramel, vanilla, dried fruit and spice intertwine, while hints of cherry and bitter orange peel whisk you away to simpler days.

$9.50 (9oz)


#2 Shiner - Holiday Cheer

Winter Ale - 5.4% ABV - Shiner, TX

A Bavarian-style dark wheat ale - dunkelweizen - brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans.

$6.00 (Pint) / $11.50 (Liter)


#3 Anchor - Christmas Ale

Winter Warmer - 7.2% ABV - San Francisco, CA

This rye-forward Brown Ale showcases notes of orange, honeysuckle, toasted malts and eucalyptus. Comforting and inviting like a warm fire by the holiday tree.

$6.50 (14oz)


#4 Real Ale - Imperium Periscum (2018)

Barrel-Aged Sour - 8.4% - Blanco, TX

What started out as an IPA is now anything but. After 12 months of secondary fermentation in oak with Brettanomyces, fresh peaches are added to a delightfully dry and funky ale with notes of stone fruit and the suggestion of sweetness.

$11.50 (9oz)


#5 Jester King - La Vie en Rose

Barrel-Aged Sour - 5.7% ABV - Austin, TX

A Farmhouse Ale made with second use raspberries from this year's batch of Atrial Rubicite. Light and delicate yet shockingly bold with equal parts fruity/sweet and funky/sour.

$11.50 (9oz)


#6 Avery - Double Barreled Maple Stout (2019)

Barrel-Aged Stout - 15.3% ABV - Boulder, CO

Massive Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with maple syrup, coffee and cinnamon. A psychopath's dream of a breakfast beer...

$12.50 (5oz)


#107 Clown Shoes - Luchador en Fuego (2021)

Barrel-Aged Stout - 11% ABV - Ipswich, MA

The heat of the peepers is intensified by the burn of the whiskey as it is aged 100% in Wild Turkey and Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.

$12.00 (9oz)


#108 Avery - Plank’d (2018)

Barrel-Aged Porter - 16.2% ABV - Boulder, CO

In an effort to create the most pirate themed beer possible I present to you a rum barrel-aged imperial porter brewed with coconut and chocolate.

$12.00 (5oz)


#109 Goose Island - Bourbon County Brand Stout (2018) 

Barrel-Aged Stout - 14.7% ABV - Chicago, IL

liquid as dark and dense as a black hole with thick foam the color of a bourbon barrel. An intense mix of charred oak, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and smoke.

$8.00 (5oz)


#110 Firestone Walker - Tequila Sunrise (2020)

Barrel-Aged Barleywine - 12% ABV - Paso Robles, CA

Aged in barrels for over a year with orange and cherry bitters. After the aging process, hibiscus and orange zest are added to create a complex cocktail experience.

$12.50 (9oz)


#111 Brooklyn -  Black Ops (2018)

Barrel-Aged Stout - 11% ABV - Brooklyn, NY

This is a beer so dark that it uses the cover of night to conceal it’s incredibly high ABV as well as it’s coffee and vanilla flavors.

$9.00 (9oz)


#112 Deschutes The Abyss: Port (2019)

Barrel-Aged Stout - 11.3% ABV - Bend, OR

Imperial Stout brewed with black strap molasses, licorice, cherry bark and whole vanilla beans; 100% aged in port wine barrels.

$8.00 (9oz)