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7. Meridian Hive - Blackberry

Mead - 6% ABV - Austin, TX

Wholesome blackberries, orange blossom honey and just the right amount of carbonation.

$6.50 (14oz) 


8. City Orchard - Cherry Red Semi Dry Cider

Cider - 6.5% ABV - Houston, TX

A hand-crafted semi-dry cider infused with Montmorency cherries grown on the coast of Lake Ontario. 

$6.50 (Pint) 


9. Bishop Cider Co. - Peach Tea

Cider - 5% ABV - Dallas, TX

a super summery cider that tastes like a sweet tea with a splash of peach. Super clean and ultra refreshing and semi-sweet. 

$6.50 (Pint) 


10. Austin Eastciders - Original Dry Cider

Cider - 5% ABV - Austin, TX

A crisp, yet supremely drinkable cider made with European bittersweet apples & American dessert apples. Not too sweet, not too dry.

$6.50 (Pint) / $12.50 (Liter)


12. Fairweather Cider Co. - Smell the Van

Dry Cider - 6.5% ABV - Austin, TX

A dry cider infused with gin botanicals from the good folks at Revolution Spirits.  Featuring notes of grapefruit peel, juniper, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary.  

$6.50 (14oz)


Omission Brewing - Lager 

Lager (Gluten Free) - 4.6% ABV - Portland, OR

Light and easy as it should be but still has a nice, dry finish. Great way to enjoy a cold one with the boys while reducing that gluten intake.

$5.00 (12oz Bottle)


4th Tap -  Sun Eater

Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale - 5% ABV - Austin, TX

100% Gluten Free! Sitting on a base of sorghum cane juice and dark brown sugar, bittered with rosemary and infused with dried lemon peel. It is highly-attenuated for a dry and refreshing finish similar to that of a cider or champagne.

"Gruit" refers to a beer which is brewed with botanicals instead of hops.

$5.00 (12oz Can)


114. Locust Cider - Vanilla Bean

Sweet Cider - 5% ABV - Fort Worth, TX

Washington apples blended with real Madagascar vanilla. For those with a sweet tooth and fans of cream soda.

$6.00 (14oz)


116. 101 Cider House - Cactus Rosé

Cider - 6.9% ABV - Los Angeles, CA

A mouth watering blend of California cactus pears and lemon peel punches up this slightly sour cider. Freshly picked basil spices things up and hibiscus adds a cooling crimson finish.

$6.50 (Pint)


117. City Orchard - Mr. Green Dry Cider

Dry Cider - 6.5% ABV - Houston, TX

Exclusively made from Rhode Island Greening apples (think Granny Smith but fancy). This cider is what green tastes like.

$6.50 (14oz)


118. Blue Owl - Mango Peach Seltzer

Hard Seltzer - 5% ABV - Austin, TX

Inspired by your traditional daiquiri cocktail, this hard seltzer is made with Jamaican rum extract, lime, mango, peach, and citric acid.

$6.50 (Pint) / $12.50 (Liter)


119. Austin Eastciders - Blood Orange

Cider - 5% ABV - Austin, TX

A zesty, semi-sweet cider made with Moro blood oranges, heirloom bittersweet apples, and American dessert apples.

$6.50 (Pint) / $12.50 (Liter)


120. Bishop Cider Co. – The Dark Cider

Cider - 6% ABV - Dallas, TX

The perfect blend of a semi-sweet cider and black currant. It's like cider with a sangria twist.

$6.50 (Pint)


121. City Orchard Cidery – Silver tip

Dry Cider - 6.9% ABV - Houston, TX

A hand-crafted semi-dry cider made with a carefully selected blend of tree-ripened, Great Lakes heritage apples. 

$6.50 (Pint)


124. Meridian Hive - Lemon

Mead - 5% ABV - Austin, TX

Lemon has become one of our newest fan favorites with its refreshing blend of lemon and orange blossom honey. Tangy and refreshing, it’s the perfect summer companion.

$6.50 (14oz)


Blue Norther - Wild Blackberry

Hard Seltzer - 5% ABV - Austin, TX

Blackberry Hard Seltzer

$6.00 (12oz Can)


Blue Norther - Prickly Pear

Hard Seltzer - 5% ABV - Austin, TX

Pear Hard Seltzer

$6.00 (12oz Can)


Austin Eastciders - Mango Seltzer

Hard Seltzer - 4.2% ABV - Austin, TX

Mango Hard Seltzer

$6.00 (12oz Can)


Odd Side Ales - POG Seltzer

Hard Seltzer - 4.2% ABV - Grand Haven, MI

Passion Fruit, Orange & Guava Hard Seltzer

$6.00 (12oz Can)