Texas  Cinnamon Bun - $5.00

Layered with, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar & House-made peach Preserves. served hot and topped with cream cheese frosting.

Avocado Toast - $8.50

Grilled peasant bread topped w/ fresh avocado, roasted tomatoes, sunflower sprouts & a hard boiled egg.

Salmon Bagel - $11.00

House-cured pastrami salmon on a handmade black sesame-seed bagel topped w/ cream cheese, capers and do it yourself seasoning on the side (salt, pepper, red pepper flakes). 

The Corned Beef Hash Sausage Sandwich - $12.00

House-cured 6 day corned beef ground w/ potatoes. Stuffed it into a beef middle & smoked for 8 hours. Sliced, seared & put on a Martin's potato roll. Topped w/ an egg, American cheese, sauerkraut & Russian dressing. Served w/ a side of spicy shoestring potatoes. 

Want to see how it's made?

Smiling Sweet Potato Happy Hash - $12.50

Sweet potatoes, onions, hatch chilies & chorizo. Served w/ farm two eggs & a bacon smile.

Banger's Bennie - $13.00

English muffin topped w/ braised pork belly, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & spicy shoestring potatoes. Vegetarian upon request.

Super Deluxe Breakfast - $13.00

Two over easy eggs, house-cured bacon, Sweet Potato hash, toast & house-made jam.

Pancake Platter - $14.00

A proper Texas sized breakfast! Four pancakes, two seasonal breakfast sausage links, two eggs, shoestring potatoes & a side of real maple syrup.

Smokehouse Fries w/ An Egg
Large -$15.00 / Not as Large - $10.00
Salt & Pepper fries, smothered in cheddar, hand-pulled cheese curds & topped w/ a rotating cast of our smokehouse meats. Served w/ ranch & house barbecue sauce. And since it's Sunday, and since we like the cut of your jib, we'll throw a farm-raised free-range duck egg on top for you. How's that sound?


*Chicken Fried Beef Rib SPECIAL - $18.00

Local beef ribs pressed and chicken fried on a handmade buttermilk biscuit with two fried eggs and house made white gravy. Crystals hot sauce, pickled jalapenos and more gravy on the side. A stick to your RIBS meal like mama used to make!

Bacon - $4.00
2 Eggs [any style] - $4.00
2 Pancakes - $4.00
Breakfast Sausage Link - $4.50