Sausage, Beer & good times


55. Pinthouse Brewing - Boy Howdy

West Coast IPA - 6% ABV - Austin, TX

A light-bodied West Coast IPA bursting w/ tropical flavors & a refreshing dryness on the finish.

$7.50 (14oz)


56. Zilker Brewing Co. - Surrounded by Skyscrapers

Hazy IPA - 6.5% ABV - Austin, TX 

This Hazy IPA – brewed w/ Mosaic, Galaxy & Idaho-7 hops – is a tribute to the ever-changing downtown skyline.

$7.50 (14oz)


31. Meanwhile Brewing - Cursing The Daylight

Blonde Ale - 4.8% ABV - Austin, TX

A blonde ale w/ tangerines - going for a mimosa vibe.

$6.50 (Pint+L)


34. Roughhouse Brewing - Raccous Affair

Blonde ale/Sour - 5.1% ABV - Austin, TX

Barrel-aged sour blonde ale w/ orange and lemon zest added. Dry-hopped w/ a bit of Citra hops to add an extra citrus pop to the zest.

$7.00 (14oz)


35. Fairweather Cider Co. - Totally Tropical

Cider - 5.5% ABV - Austin, TX

A light-bodied cider that is big on flavor w/ the addition of mango.

$6.50 (Pint+L)


32. Hold Out Brewing - Solar Death Ray

Lager – 5% ABV - Austin, TX

Crisp, hoppy lager brewed w/ Amarillo, Citra & Mosaic hops. Like a pale ale but designed for triple-digit heat.

$6.50 (Pint+L)


57. Independence Brewing Co. - Blue Skies, Red Eyes

Hazy IPA - 6.5% ABV - Austin, TX

This super hopped up Hazy IPA brewed w/ Ella, Eclipse & HBC-431 hops rides the fine line between tropical & super dank.

$6.50 (Pint)


33. Souther Heights Brewing Co. - Paloma

Sour - 5.5% ABV - Austin, TX

A sour ale w/ Ruby Red grapefruit & lime. We're really going for a Salty Dog vibe w/ this one.

 $7.00 (14oz)


58. Vista Brewing - Home of The Brave

Session IPA - 4.9% ABV - Driftwood, TX 

A Session IPA w/ a nice pop of hops brewed for supreme drinkability.

$6.50 (Pint)


1. (512) Brewing - Whiskey Barrel-Aged Double Pecan Porter (2021)

Barrel-Aged Porter - 17.1% ABV - Austin, TX

Amazingly complex, coal black, velvety & liqueur-ish, this demon has a bouquet of vine-ripened grapes, anise & chocolate covered cherries w/ flavors of rum-soaked caramelized dark fruits & a double espresso finish.

$9.00 (9oz)


2. Avery - Mephistopheles (2015)

Barrel-Aged Stout - 17.2% ABV - Boulder, CO

Mephistopheles is the crafty shape shifter. Amazingly complex, coal black, velvety & liqueurish, this demon has a bouquet of vine-ripened grapes, anise & chocolate covered cherries w/ flavors of rum-soaked dark fruits & a double espresso finish.

$7.50 (5oz)


3. Founders Brewing Co. Kentucky Breakfast Stout: Espresso (2019)

Oatmeal Stout - Grand Rapids, MI - 12% ABV

Their legendary bourbon barrel stout w/ oatmeal & coffee has been given an extra oomph as it's rested on espresso beans after coming out of the barrel.

$11.00 (9oz)


4. Real Ale - Imperium Persicum (2018)

Fruited IPA - 8.4% ABV - Blanco, TX

What started out as an IPA is now anything but. After 12 months of secondary fermentation in oak w/ Brettanomyces, fresh peaches are added to a delightfully dry & funky ale w/ notes of stone fruit.

$11.50 (9oz)


5. The Buery - So Happens It's Tuesday (2020)

Imperial Stout - 15.3% ABV - Placentia, CA

Namesake aside, this bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout is worthy of pouring every day of the week. Dark chocolate & vanilla flavors are rounded out w/ hints of cherries, dried figs & molasses.

$7.50 (5oz)


6. Great Divide - Barrel-Aged Yeti (2019)

Imperial Stout - 12.5% ABV - Denver, CO

An imperial stout aged for 12+ months in whiskey barrels resulting in a complex swirl of roasted flavors, hints of vanilla, dryness from the oak & a boozy finish.

$8.50 (5oz)


107. Clown Shoes Beer - Luchador en Fuego (2021)

Imperial Stout - 11% ABV -  Windsor, VT

Imperial stout that dropkicks you w/ ancho chilies & chipotle pepper. The heat of the peppers is intensified by the burn of the whiskey as it is aged 100% in Wild Turkey & Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.

$12.00 (9oz)


108. Avery Brewing Co. - Plank'd (2018)

Imperial Porter - 16.2% ABV - Boulder, CO

In an effort to create the most pirate-themed beer possible, I present to you a rum barrel-aged imperial porter brewed w/ coconut & chocolate.

$12.00 (5oz)


109. Goose Island brewery - Bourbon County Brand Stout (2018)

Barrel-Aged Stout - 14.7% ABV - Chicago, IL

A liquid as dark & dense as a black hole w/ thick foam the color of a bourbon barrel. An intense mix of charred oak, chocolate, vanilla, caramel & smoke.

$8.00 (5oz)


110. Firestone Walker - Tequila Sunrise (2020)

Barley Wine - 12% ABV - Paso Robles, CA

A blonde barleywine aged in añejo tequila barrels for over a year w/ orange & cherry bitters. After the aging process, hibiscus & orange zest are added to create a complex cocktail experience.

$12.50 (9oz)


111. Brooklyn Brewery - Black Ops (2018)

Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout - 11% ABV - Brooklyn, NY

This is a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout so dark that it uses the cover of night to conceal its incredibly high ABV, as well as its coffee & vanilla flavors.

$9.00 (9oz)


112. Deschutes - The Abyss: Port (2019)

Imperial Stout - 11.3% ABV - Bend, OR 

An imperial Stout brewed w/ black strap molasses, licorice, cherry bark & whole vanilla beans; 100% aged in port wine barrels.

$8.00 (9oz)


73. Martin House Brewing - Anger Sharks

Sour - 6.5% - Fort Worth, TX

Sour ale with fruit punch. Or is it a sour ale with a fruit punch? A fruit ale with a sour punch?

$8.00 (14oz)

74. Martin House Brewing - The Castaway: The Painkiller

Sour - 9.1% - Fort Worth, TX

Inspired by the classic tiki cocktail, this high octane
sour is loaded with tons of orange, pineapple and coconut, then aged in rum barrels for 6 months.

$7.00 (9oz)

75. Martin House Brewing - Hidden Dragon

Sour - 8% - Fort Worth, TX

Sour ale that packs a big fruit punch - with the addition of orange juice & amp; dragon fruit - and then mixes it up with a spicy kick of real ginger.

$8.00 (14oz)

76. Martin House Brewing - Me Gusta

Sour - 6.7% - Fort Worth, TX

Super tart ale with agave and guava. This one has margarita vibes all day long.

$6.50 (14oz)

77. Martin House Brewing - Salty Lady Michelada

Sour - 5.2% - Fort Worth, TX

The Salty Lady Gose is the tart base for this premixed michelada. Spicy, savory and tart all in one package.

$7.50 (14oz)

185. Martin House Brewing - Key Lime Pie

Sour - 6.2% - Fort Worth, TX

Some way, somehow this beer manages to capture the sweet and sour flavours of a scrumptious key lime pie, complete with the graham cracker crust.

$7.00 (14oz)

186. Martin House Brewing - Lizard Queen

Sour - 8% - Fort Worth, TX

A tart and fruity (but not too fruity) (but definitely tart) gose
brewed with prickly pear and sea salt. Have no fear, this sour has no lactose!

$8.00 (14oz)

187. Martin House Brewing - Tiger Lilly

Sour - 8% - Fort Worth, TX

A hefty, yet refreshingly tart ale with massive amounts of mango. They've added honey and vanilla to provide a sweet contrast without adding lactose.

$8.00 (14oz)

188. Martin House Brewing - Congratulations

Sour - 8% - Fort Worth, TX

What is a sour cake beer? Well, it tastes kinda like someone put sour candy on top of kid’s birthday cake. Our kinda party.

$8.00 (14oz)

189. Martin House Brewing - Pineapple Splash

Sour - 8% - Fort Worth, TX

That perfect pineapple punch with a subtle (for Martin House, I mean) ginger spice underneath. There is also a little lemon and vanilla sweetness on the finish.

$8.00 (14oz):