Smokehouse open every saturday

That's right its back! White Cheddar, Grana Padano cheese, jalapeños, bacon lardons, red onion, roasted garlic, white wine & Parsley.

  • Hold the Bacon to make it Vegetarian.
  • Add Smokehouse meat +$4.00
  • Add Chili +$2.00  

Local Watermelon Wedges - $4.00

4 slices of the best local watermelon.

Banger's House-Made Pickles - $5.00

Spicy or mild

How do we pickle our Pickles?

Fried Pickle Spears - $5.00

Our house pickles, breaded & fried, served w/ ranch dressing

Salt & Pepper Fries - $5.50

Hand-cut, thick, then double fried. Golden brown & crispy on the outside, soft & pillowy on the inside. Served w/ ketchup

Classic Potato Salad - $5.50

Chilled Red Bliss Potatoes, cornichons, mustard & bacon

Hold the bacon to make it vegetarian.

Miso & Cola Smoked Beans - $5.50

Slow smoked in cast iron over Post Oak coals w/ bacon ends

Thrice Baked Smokehouse Potato - $6.50

We salt roast-Idaho Potatoes [Once]. Then blend the insides w/ roasted parsnip, horseradish, butter, sour cream & cheddar [Twice]. Finally we broil the top until golden brown [THRICE]

Add chili for $2.00

Giant Soft Pretzel - $8.00

Salted & served w/ cheese sauce & beer mustard 

Melon Salad - $8.50

A salad of fresh watermelon & cucumber, dressed w/ Mint, sesame & a pistachio vinaigrette

Ugly Tomato Salad - $8.50  

Heirloom tomatoes, our hand-stretched cheese curds, Thai Basil & watercress topped w/ a balsamic vinegar reduction

Smokehouse Chef Salad - $8.50

Our take on a classic chef salad, garnished w/ smokehouse meat du jour, hard-boiled egg, Mesquite-smoked cheddar, & creamy Catalina Dressing

Charred Caesar Salad - $9.00 

Half a head of romaine, brushed w/ oil & charred over coals. Topped w/ garlic aïoli, Grana Padano Cheese, pickled onion, anchovy & toasted Panko Breadcrumbs

Boudin Balls - $9.00

Homemade boudin sausage, deep fried, served w/ grain mustard & pickles

Chili Cheese Fries (Large - $12.50 / Not so Large - $7.50)

Salt & Pepper fries topped w/ house-made chili, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, diced red onion & house-pickled jalapeños    

Mini Sausage Flight - $13.50

Three of our delicious home-made sausages except smaller (3oz). Served on a Martin's Potato roll w/ all toppings.
      • Bratwurst
      • Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst
      • Drunk Chicken

Bratwurst - $9.00

Our take on the most classic of German sausages. Mild, perfectly balanced & delicious. Topped w/ sauerkraut & grain mustard

Check Out Our House-Made Sauerkraut

Spicy Italian - $10.00

A classic Italian sausage w/ plenty of fennel & a whole lotta red pepper. Topped w/ sautéed sweet peppers & onions

Drunk Chicken - $9.00

Beer Serrano Peppers, Red Pepper Flakes, Cilantro & more beer. Topped w/ garlic aïoli & caramelized onions

Jalapeño Cheddar Brat - $10.00

Our world famous bratwurst w/ some jalapeño & cheddar cheese mixed in. Topped w/ spicy peppers & grain mustard

Chicken & Apple - $9.00

Brown sugar, nutmeg & cinnamon make this a classic. The applesauce & brandy we fold in at the end make it a legend. Topped w/ garlic aïoli & caramelized onions

Hot Andouille Sausage Sandwich - $10.00 

House-made andouille, served on a toasted martin’s potato bun, dressed NOLA style w/ mayo, lettuce, tomato & our house pickles

Duck, Bacon, Fig - $10.00

Dried figs, plumped in port wine w/ honey & bacon. Topped w/ fig chutney, caramelized onion 

Banger’s Classic Hotdog - $6.50 (2 for $12)

Classic all pork hot dog, topped w/ grain mustard & Nana Baker’s family relish; a german-style pepper relish

Vegetarian B.L.T. - $9.00

Vine-ripened & sun-dried tomato sausage infused w/ cheese curds. Topped w/ shiitake mushroom "bacon," sliced tomatoes, shredded iceberg & garlic aïoli

Kielbasa - $12.00

Originally created as a snack for soldiers to carry w/ them into battle, this Polish take on a very traditional European sausage is heavily smoked & cured. We serve it in a camp bowl over our house-fermented sauerkraut; sautéed w/ bacon & boiled buttered potatoes. Then we top it w/ crumbled bacon & grain mustard.

Merguez - $13.00

A spiced lamb sausage seasoned w/ cumin & coriander served in a  country style tomato stew w/ chickpeas, potatoes & peppers. What country you ask? A Mediterranean one... to be inexact

Currywurst - $12.00

Quintessential Berlin street food that goes perfect w/ a liter of beer. This curry spiced pork sausage comes sliced over a bed of fries, drizzled w/ curry ketchup & is served w/ a side of garlic aïoli for dunking

Chinese BBQ Sausage - $12.00

All the sweet & savory flavors of Chinese BBQ wrapped up in a sausage. Served w/ a fresh cabbage & pickled carrot salad & a side of hot Chinese mustard. Topped w/ whole cilantro & crushed peanut

Jalapeño Cheddar Hot Link - $10.00

Be warned, this sucker is hot, but it’s damn good too. A pork hot link w/ 2 kinds of peppers & 2 kinds of cheddar cheese, smoked over Texas Post Oak; then served w/ house-made pickles, grain mustard, & Saltine crackers

Snickers Bar in A Jar - $5.00

A mason jar layered w/ house roasted peanuts, caramel, vanilla ice cream & chocolate ganache. Topped w/ sea salt

Chocolate Chip Cookie - $3.50

Yep, this cookie pretty much has it all! Chocolate? Chips? Cookie? What more could you want... milk? Yeah... maybe milk. Milk’s a good call

81.5 Rainey Street - $3.50

Our signature cookie; a smore’s themed explosion of chocolate chips, mini marshmallows & toasted cinnamon cereal. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds


Saturdays from Noon until we're out.


All BBQ plates come w/ coal-fired Smokehouse Bread, Potato Salad, 24-Hour Slow Slaw, Smokehouse Pickles, House BBQ Sauce & Pepper Vinegar.

Texas Whole Hog - $16.50

Banger’s famous Whole Hog from the first Whole Hog BBQ in Texas history! Chopped up & dressed w/ lots of crispy skin.

44 Farms Beef Rib - $30.00

The dark prince of Texas BBQ, we rub our short ribs w/ salt, black pepper & dry oregano. Then smoke them over local seasoned Post Oak & Green Mesquite for over 12 hours.

44 Farms Tri-Tip Plate - $24.00

A California special w/ a Texas twist! Smoked, then seared, served medium rare & f’ing delicious.

Smoked Turkey Breast - $16.00

We smoke our turkey breast alongside Hatch Chilies over mesquite coals w/ a blend of dry herbs, spices, & Hill Country Honey.

Texas Hot Gut Sausage - $16.00

We are a sausage house after all. An old favorite & a Hill Country Classic.

Jalapeño Cheddar Hot Link - $16.00

Be warned, this sucker is hot. Pork hot link w/ 2 kinds of peppers & 2 kinds of cheddar, smoked over Texas Post Oak coals.


Sundays from 10 AM - 5 PM

Texas Peach Cinnamon Bun - $5.00

Layered w/, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar & a house made peach preserves. served hot & topped w/ a cream cheese frosting.

Avocado Toast - $8.50

Grilled peasant bread topped w/ fresh avocado, roasted tomatoes, sunflower sprouts & a hard boiled egg

Hatch Chili Relleno - $11.00

Hatch Chili stuffed w/ eggs, chorizo, cheese, pico de gallo & topped w/ a cilantro lime crema.

The Corned Beef Hash Sausage Sandwich - $12.00

House-cured 6 day corned beef ground w/ potatoes. Stuffed it into a beef middle & smoked for 8 hours. Sliced, seared & put on a Martin's potato roll. Topped w/ an egg, American cheese, sauerkraut & Russian dressing. Served w/ a side of spicy shoestring potatoes. 

Want to see how it's made?

Smiling Sweet Potato Happy Hash - $12.50

Sweet potatoes, onions, hatch chilies & chorizo. Served w/ farm two eggs & a bacon smile.

Banger's Bennie - $13.00

English muffin topped w/ braised pork belly, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & spicy shoestring potatoes. Vegetarian upon request.

Super Deluxe Breakfast - $13.00

Two over easy eggs, house-cured bacon, miso & cola smoked beans, toast & house-made jam.

Pancake Platter - $14.00

A proper Texas sized breakfast! Four pancakes, two seasonal breakfast sausage links, two eggs, shoestring potatoes & a side of real maple syrup.

Smokehouse Fries w/ An Egg [Large - $15.00 / Not as Large - $10.00]

Salt & Pepper fries, smothered in cheddar, hand-pulled cheese curds & topped w/ a rotating cast of our smokehouse meats. Served w/ ranch & house barbecue sauce. And since it's Sunday, and since we like the cut of your jib, we'll throw a farm-raised free-range duck egg on top for you. How's that sound?