Sausage - beer - good times

Bratwurst - $10.00

Our take on the most classic of German sausages. Mild, perfectly balanced & delicious. Topped w/ sauerkraut & grain mustard

Check Out Our House-Made Sauerkraut

Spicy Italian - $10.00

A classic Italian sausage w/ plenty of fennel and a whole lotta red pepper. Topped w/ sautéed to order, peppers & garlic, & fresh basil

Drunk Chicken - $10.00

Beer Serrano Peppers, Red Pepper Flakes, Cilantro & more beer. Topped w/ garlic aïoli & caramelized onions

Jalapeño Cheddar Brat - $10.00

Our world famous bratwurst w/ some jalapeño & cheddar cheese mixed in. Topped w/ spicy peppers & grain mustard

Chicken & Apple - $10.00

Brown sugar, nutmeg & cinnamon make this a classic. The applesauce & brandy we fold in at the end make it a legend. Topped w/ garlic aïoli & caramelized onions

Hot Andouille Sandwich - $10.00 

Sliced down the middle. Crisped on the griddle. Served on a toasted martin’s potato bun, dressed NOLA style w/ mayo, lettuce, tomato & house-made pickles

Duck, Bacon, Fig - $10.00

Dried figs, plumped in port wine w/ honey & bacon. Topped w/ fig chutney, caramelized onion & garlic aïoli

Banger’s Classic Hotdog - $6.50

An all pork hot dog, made by hand. Topped w/ grain mustard & house made relish

Vegetarian B.L.T. - $10.00

Vine-ripened & sun-dried tomato sausage infused w/ cheese curds. Topped w/ shiitake mushroom "bacon," sliced tomatoes, shredded iceberg & garlic aïoli


Kielbasa - $15.00

Our take on the horseshoe shaped kielbasas from the supermarket! Lightly smoked to give it a nice snap. Served w/ braised red cabbage & smashed, bacon-fat-fried, Fingerling potatoes.

Currywurst - $15.00

The classic Berlin street food that goes perfect w/ a liter of beer. This curry spiced pork sausage is sliced over a bed of fries, then drizzled w/ curry ketchup & served w/ a side of garlic aïoli for dunking.

Banger & Mash - $15.00

A Traditional English pork sausage served over house-made Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. Topped w/ brown gravy & caramelized onion. Served w/ a charred kale & pickled red onion salad.

Fried Chicken Sausage - $15.00

House-made biscuits & chicken, ground into a sausage, wrapped in chicken skin & then deep fried ‘till golden brown. Served w/ mashed potatoes, gravy, a house-baked biscuit & honey butter.

Snickers Bar in A Jar - $5.00

A mason jar layered w/ house roasted peanuts, caramel, vanilla ice cream & chocolate ganache. Topped w/ sea salt 


Sundays Only 

Texas Peach Cinnamon Bun - $8.00

Layered w/ butter, cinnamon, brown sugar & house-made peach preserves. Topped w/ cream cheese frosting.

Bacon Beignets - $9.00

House-made bacon folded into beignet batter, deep fried & topped w/ bacon lardons, powdered sugar & Steen’s cane syrup

Pastrami Cured Salmon Bagel - $11.50

House-cured salmon served w/ a locally-made New York-style bagel, hard boiled egg, cream cheese, capers, red onions, tomatoes, black pepper & sea salt.

Banger's Bennie - $13.00

English muffin topped w/ braised pork belly, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & spicy shoestring potatoes.

Super Deluxe Breakfast - $13.00

Two over easy eggs, house-cured bacon, Sweet Potato hash, toast & house-made jam.

Pancake Platter - $14.00

A proper Texas sized breakfast! Four pancakes, two breakfast sausage patties, two eggs & a side of real maple syrup. 

Scotch Egg - $15.00

6-Minute egg, wrapped in house-made breakfast sausage, breaded, fried, sliced down the middle & served w/ sausage gravy & sourdough toast. 

Weisswurst & A Pretzel - $15.00

A German veal sausage traditionally eaten on Sunday mornings. Served w/ beer mustard, whole-grain mustard, & a giant soft pretzel.


Bacon Steak & Eggs - $18.00

Two 1/4 pound pieces of house-cured bacon steak, two farm fresh eggs, & a heap of sausage-potato hash w/ peppers. Served with sourdough toast & house-made preserves. 

Sausage Sampler - $18.00

This shareable platter features a rotating selection of four types of breakfast sausage plus a house-made biscuit. This weeks platter includes
- Classic Breakfast Sausage Patties
- Blueberry Breakfast Links
- Maple Coffee Links

- Sausage Gravy

Bacon Flight - $18.00

Four, count em, FOUR different kinds of house made bacon 
- Original House-made Bacon
- Black Pepper Bacon
- Bourbon Coffee Bacon
- Sweet & Savory Bacon Chutney
Comes w/ 100% maple syrup & made-from-scratch white gravy.
Sliced to share, OR NOT! 

Bacon - $4.00
2 Eggs [any style] - $4.00
2 Pancakes - $4.00
Breakfast Sausage Link - $4.50